Sunday, 1 February 2015



I realised it had been 2 years since our daughter last stood on the beach, we are inland dwellers , we need to head to the sea more often.

I played with my phone camera to get some shots

She loved it so much she begged a repeat visit , so we headed back for more of the same on the second day - instead of the planned museum visits - the weather perfect for outdoor time. 

The warm weather means we have spent very little time inside, I made a scout T

In linen and too big , not a success, so I tried again in a voile and a smaller size

Better but I'm not sure I like it that much

Today I tried to salvage a dress I made last year, the staple dress in a silk. I wore it once but decided I didn't like the look of the shirring in the waist so took it out.

I like it more, but there was too much fabric in the back, so I put a few pleats in the back

I think it's better.

Then the sun came out and so we headed to the river

February looks like a bit of a sewing right off - I have the Anna dress I want to make and also I want to try making a top in voile using the staple dress pattern , but work looks like it is going to push my sewing plans out til March :(