Friday, 2 January 2015

Summer Making

Summer has arrived with beautiful weather and hot days after a cold and rainy spring:

A Tui feeding on the flowering flax in our garden
Fast forward from Kids Clothes week in October to now: a new job with a longer commute, the end of the school year and all the social events that xmas and the new year bring - making was at a minimum.  We started by making some new pillowcases for summer - fabric paint on white cases:

This was a quick easy project, G did the top two cases pictured on her bed - it was a good project for kids and if I had time I would have churned a few out for nieces and nephews.

I then did some late night making ( and low quality sewing that I just decided to let go), I have set a tradition of opening one present on xmas eve - new pj's and so far the past 3 yrs have been handmade . Next year I will start these earlier and maybe choose an easier pattern.

This is a Burda pattern for a swimming cover up ,temporarily misplaced in a spring clean tidy up but I will come back and amend this post when I find it.

The buttons don't match as I didn't have a set of 4 in the correct size , and the spacing of said buttons - ugh! But at midnight unpicking the seam to change the loops was just too much so here they stayed.
 With a few days off after xmas I made two scout T's - no photos - the first was way too bit and the second better but I am a  bit indifferent about the fabric. So I went to a sale at spotlight and have several different pieces of light cotton lawn to wash next week and then will try again.

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Katy said...

Those pillow cases are awesome!Happy New Year to you and yours. Like you, we're out enjoying summer at the moment, though sadly I've had to go back to work this week. Bit of a shock to the system!