Monday, 27 October 2014

Kids clothes week oct 14 -wrap up

Today I finished off a hat I started on Day 5 of my sewing week and stalled because of work.

A bucket hat from the Oliver and S - Little things to sew . It's reversible with my choice of the grey adorn it floral on one side and 

G's choice of red cotton gingham on the other.

Then I came across the cutest free shorts pattern from the purl bee called the city gym short
I Couldn't resist 

These are a really simple and quick pattern, I can see these being a summer favourite.
I think the wardrobe is full now . I have some selfish sewing plans for me - the Anna dress and a needle cord jacket.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Day 4 KCW - fox cape

Today's cape is supposed to be a fox - inspired by the childrens book - Rosie's walk

It is made using the Oliver and S cape pattern ( from the book Little things to Sew by Liesl Gibson)

The outer fabric is orange needle cord - more of a pumpkin colour orange than it looks in the photo
With linen for the cream parts. The lining is a patchwork mix of cottons from my stash ( the greys are from the adorn it range ) it's a light weight, spring /summer cape.

I used black buttons for eyes and hand embroidered the whiskers on , because it looked like a deer according to G.

here's what the lining is like, it takes a surprising amount of fabric to make - 2 metres lining , which is why I did different fabrics as I did not have enough of any one colour in my stash. Aside from the many seams (7 panels in the body for both the lining and main colour ) it's a super easy sewing project.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

KCW - day 3 and the miffy dress

Inspiration today was the miffy books. Georgie wanted a dress with rabbit pockets so I did a quick pinterest search and using the sailboat dress again in stretch lightweight denim came up with something we are both happy with.

I also made another pair of tights - full length this time

The sock choice is hers

A close up of the dress pockets

As we walked into school I looked at what other kids her age are wearing - track pants or tights and sweatshirts mainly ,not many girls in dresses and I realised that soon she won't want cute clothes . She must have done the same appraisal , as we dropped her bag off in the cloak room she suddenly stopped and whispered that she wondered if the other kids would tease her about the rabbit pockets.  I replied that I thought not and she went off happily , I asked how her dress was at the end of the day and her reply - "great" , so no teasing but I am sure her requests for clothes will start to change soon.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Day 2 of KCW Oct 2014

I had a little teaser picture yesterday but today have the complete outfit.

I bought this fantastic trio of fabrics on etsy here, the pattern is the Oliver and S sailboat top which I lengthened and added a little width to at the bottom and some side seam pockets. The pockets don't quite work as well as yesterdays top - they sit out a little but I think that's prob just me being fussy and no one else will notice. The sleeves are 3/4 , and the tights just below the knee. The buttons could actually be omitted for knit fabric as there is enough give to get it over a head without undoing them , but I like the detail so I left them in.

I think this dress will get lots of wear - comfortable and seems popular so far. I have another Oliver and S tunic cut out and ready to go for tomorrow but in a stretch cotton drill insteas.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Kids Clothes Week - Oct 2014

It's been weeks since I have been in this space. Lots of work, mega amounts of sewing for an ice show , school holidays....too much to write about .  I signed on late to the Kids Clothes Week  which starts today - prompted by many pairs of leggings with holes in the knees that need replacing. The theme is storybook but I haven't had any particular inspiration on this yet , maybe later in the week.

My first project was a T - shirt hack job

This favourite long sleeved T - now too short in the body and arms, became a tunic/dress

Complete with cute little side seam pockets I found a tutorial on pinterest for.
The coordinating floral fabric was just a lucky match from my stash - yes eating into that pile!
I used the stripe from the body of the top to line the pockets and shortened the sleeves to 3/4 for cooler spring days.

I then drafted a leggings pattern off an old pair - not really going with the dress but G is happy.

G was off school with the tail end of a vomiting illness and luckily was entertained with a French knitting spool I had - she spent hours making a scarf for each of her dolls

So I did lots of cutting and made a second outfit that she is wearing in the picture - no other photos yet - more tomorrow.