Wednesday, 27 August 2014

I Knit

In my absence I have been knitting . I tend to knit a lot for two reasons - grieving and procrastination - fortunately it is the later reason I have done a lot in the past couple of weeks. I have other things I should be doing - reading a very dull manual for a course coming up, making ice skating costumes, cleaning our windows - the list goes on. Instead I cast on a vest for her and I procrastinate - I'll just knit a few rows and then ...., hours later here I am still knitting.

Actually the wool does not really do it for me - the colour that is, but the texture is nice and those fancy needles are really nice to knit with. Forced to buy a new pair as I could only find one the right size in my collection - I splurged and now I am ruined - I love those needles and I want more. Truth is I am desperate to finish this vest so I can selfishly cast on something for me - yet to decide what but I am thinking about a cardigan in a green colour.

I have done a little making, I made a skating dress:

Sorry a fuzzy photo ( note those little clenched fists waiting to do her routine) is the only one I could find, but you get the idea. And you know what - lycra is ok to sew and it was surprisingly easy. So much so I plan to try to make swim wear this summer - there are some cute little girls patterns out there like the  cosi. I have seen some really nice plain ones with ruching and without the leg frills - watch this space.

I have also done mega mending, see those long limbs above , she just goes up not out and all her tights have holes in the knees but are otherwise fine and still fit. So I had a play around and tried to do some creative mending.

The rectangular patches on the merino weren't quite so successful, hand sewing them on first might have got a better result but I am getting good at coloured spots on knees.

Which brings me to my year of not buying clothes - half way there and only one real slip up - Lululemon opened a new bigger store - new exercise tights , a sports bra and a top later I walked out. No regrets though as I have worn them all several times a week since I bought them. I have however had to buy knickers and socks - what is it that they all fell apart within a few weeks, Still I haven't bought any fashion items at all - only what are wardrobe basics.

I have noticed - my bank balance is much healthier - no surprise, and I don't go near the shops nearly as often ,unless I have a reason , therefore I  don't see things I like and feel I need/want new clothes.  I can feel another wardrobe purge coming on as there is still lots of stuff I don't wear hanging there. I have been reading practising simplicity and thinking a big spring clean sounds good, it is so much easier to go through clothes each season - I can hardly remember what I wore in summer so I need to do it at the end of each season.