Thursday, 17 July 2014

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Knitting took hold

It started when the cat got sick a few weeks ago. I woke at 3am on Sat to the sound of him vomiting and that was the end of my sleep as he continued alternating between vomit and diarrhoea ( thankfully this was in the litter box) and I cleaned up after him. After a trip to the vet the next day, armed with cat electrolyte and a large weekend call out bill, I decided to go through the knitting box for a tidy up.  I came across a partly knitted cardigan I started for myself two winters ago, I'm not sure why I stalled as I had done the hard work in the yoke and all the increase and decrease rows were done.  Anyway in between hourly syringe feeding the cat I picked up my cardigan and started knitting. 

The cat proceeded to get sicker and to top it off so did our daughter. Come Sunday morning my husband took our cat back to the vets for a very expensive vet hospital stay ( iv fluids/ antibiotics...) and I went off with our daughter to get treatment for her croup ( keen to avoid her a hospital stay - we've been there before).

The short story is I spent 4 days inside looking after the sick occupants of our home, in front of the fire and I got back into knitting. Yesterday, 3 weeks later,  all members of the household well again,  I cast off and finished  - the pattern is Madelinetosh - Tea leaves . I opted for a short sleeved version with 3 buttons instead of two. I used a Noro wool/silk mix.  Now I am a bit ambivalent about this cardigan - it's maybe a little bit hippy for my current taste and it's just a tad big - but after 2 years in the making I can live with that rather than a re knit.

( oops I reduced the Picture  size to put on the blog just a bit much and now all is blurry )

That's why I prefer to sew, so much less time invested - so much easier to move out of my wardrobe.

On the wardrobe front - 2 other tops I have made, drafted off a favourite hoodie I have and given a cowl type neck. In light stretch these 2 tops have been in constant rotation - I am thinking of making a plain one too.

Both are super long , like the original, so great for winter as a layer under heavier tops.

But now knitting has taken hold I have the urge to put sewing aside for a while.
As per normal I have too many options , the following are on my list:

A simple vest for G, wool in her choice - purchased last year and yet to be started.

A hat from this book, purchased today in a weak moment when buying needles to make the vest for G. ( randomly - I could only find one of the correct size despite turning the house inside out). All the hats in this book are beautiful and good stash busters for scraps.

This knitbots book has several things I like, from Quince and Co - I especially like the jersey at the top and the draped cardigan at the bottom.

Lastly I like this cowl from the Molly Makes magazine - also from Quince and Co

I am going to need back to back winters for the next 5 years to get anywhere near knitting all these - sigh.

While I debated the next project we made the most of the warm afternoon and headed outside.