Saturday, 7 June 2014

The Disco Dress

Friday night was the school disco.
Georgie has little silver rabbit shoes she wanted to wear.
I had a vision of a silver dress/top to go with them, slightly Abba.
As we walked up to the school hall, she stated she didn't want people to stare, or to stand out.
Now this  was not a wall flower type of dress, so I said  that sometimes it was fun to stand out,
that being an individual and not the same as anyone else could be good.
I thought to myself that this dress was either going to make me the coolest mum ever
or she would never ever let me make her anything again.

After the disco I met her with her bag for a birthday party sleepover
as I buckled her into the birthday girl's car with her 6 little friends, one girl said
" I like Georgie's dress , its really cool", and another chimed in
"Yeah - it's really cool , where did you get it?"
My Mum made it for me she replied proudly.
Long may Mama made clothes remain cool!