Thursday, 3 April 2014

Sewing success - the Staple Dress

Like I said previously - sewing for myself is only a success 50 % of the time, case in point the first 2 garments below.

Burda 8517

A friend made this in a stretch fabric with short sleeves and it looked great. This has sat in my wardrobe unworn for the past 3 weeks - out it went today. It just isn't working for me , without a belt it looks sack like and well the print is just too big for me. When I look at this photo I think it looks ok, but I just don't feel good in it , so I moved it into the give away box.

Vogue 8805

Well I have worn this once but I think it is not destined to stay. A sewing synthetic nightmare - slippery horrible fabric - purchased not that long ago in a sale - as it turns out - not a bargin! Those sleeves - argh - first I used a bias cut piece to bind them and they just looked horrible, so I abandoned that idea and overlocked them and turned the edge up and top stitched - and they rolled up - equally horrible. So I used the overlocker to do a rolled hem - first on the bottom hem of the top and it was ok so I tried the arms.Not so good - sort of wavy which really annoys me. So on a cooler day I wore it with a cardigan but then I got hot and really sweaty in that fabric - yick - not a winner.

So , in need of sewing success, I made another Tova ( about number 6 I think), people either love or hate this pattern/style - I am in the former group - it is just so easy to wear. I made a few minor modifications, I use 2 layers of fabric in the insert so when the neck falls open it looks better. I stitch up the placket at the front about 5 cm - I think it sits better.
On this one I did a shaped shirt tail hem and also added a bit of shape by flaring it out a bit front the waist to the hem ( hard to see in the picture but it's not straight up and down like my dress.(see here)

Then my April Rhodes Staple Dress Pattern arrived.

Version One
Silk /cotton .
I measure a size M so that is what I made , it's roomy but comfy in hot weather, it looks a little frumpy in the picture , I felt it looked better on but then I made a second stretch version which is way better.

I made the waist just a little higher than the pattern line and the arms are about 1-2cm longer -just because I wanted them that way. Because I was using stretch I made a size S and I think the fit is much better, I think it works with a little black cardigan too - I think this is my favourite of all my recent makes.

I then had a play around with the pattern and made a tunic top in stretch

For this one I only shirred the back and 15cm in the middle of the front .

Shirring is something I had never done and to be honest didn't really like the look of, but it's strangely addictive , now I have the urge to add little rows of shirring to the back of a few tops to give some shape.
If you need a bit of extra reassurance before trying it Made by Rae has an excellent tutorial , although the Staple dress pattern instructions are pretty good too.

Despite all this sewing I still haven't made the denim tunic I wanted - because I wanted some lighter chambray fabric I can layer in winter or wear alone in summer and just can't find any. I am thinking elastic pattern as in the orange top above but with a straight hem ( I seem to have gone a bit made and made lots of drop hems lately).
So there you go - that was March's sewing binge, next up a BIMAA top or two for G.