Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Two days ago I had a fleeting burst of super mother :
My daughter ate a full 3 course breakfast ( not a breakfast girl - usually I get excited by 1/2 piece of toast)
She made it to school before the bell rang
I baked and put home made muffins in her lunch ; 
Small triumphs

( he watches in disbelief as I rush around madly)

I then managed to fit in a quick bike ride and do the dishes, washing and make beds by 10 am. Instead of the lie down I needed I then had to speed pack, shower and head to the airport.

Consequently I had 5  pairs of shoes( for a 2 day trip- I wore 2 pairs ), no socks , no warm tops, no shampoo and the poor cat had to wait til the evening to get a meal.

Today after late nights and early starts I am slack mum - iPhone games , random pick your own food choices , sitting on the couch reading on my ipad.

Last week was really hectic, a full long working week and at 5 pm on Friday I rushed around tidying before my sister and family came to stay - irritated at my husband and the piles of washing to be folded - until I saw his photos taken on the evenings I was working - playing at the river, he and our daughter happy and relaxed.  Much more important than housework.
This week I have been reading  Colour me Anna and Practising Simplicity  plus after several sewing failures (  trying out new patterns and a synthetic nightmare ) made myself a wearable top/ tunic using the Tova pattern ( see Here ). 

Seeing as I won't be purchasing any new items this year  I have more motivation to sew items I really like and the fabric choice is a really big part of it. When I get up the energy to photograph the not so great items I made last week I'll show you what I mean.


Reading to herself ( Dappled Annie and the Tigrish by Mary MaCallum)

Warm sunny days, and summer fruits

His habit of hanging out wherever we are

Pocket money well spent on a really fun Instax camera ( she is making a little photo story about her toys and setting up the scenes)