Wednesday, 22 October 2014

KCW - day 3 and the miffy dress

Inspiration today was the miffy books. Georgie wanted a dress with rabbit pockets so I did a quick pinterest search and using the sailboat dress again in stretch lightweight denim came up with something we are both happy with.

I also made another pair of tights - full length this time

The sock choice is hers

A close up of the dress pockets

As we walked into school I looked at what other kids her age are wearing - track pants or tights and sweatshirts mainly ,not many girls in dresses and I realised that soon she won't want cute clothes . She must have done the same appraisal , as we dropped her bag off in the cloak room she suddenly stopped and whispered that she wondered if the other kids would tease her about the rabbit pockets.  I replied that I thought not and she went off happily , I asked how her dress was at the end of the day and her reply - "great" , so no teasing but I am sure her requests for clothes will start to change soon.

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