Saturday, 14 December 2013

Same shirt 3 ways

I have a favourite work top, a designer label I paid way too much for but I love - a t shirt that is dressy enough to wear to work but comfortable and doesn't need ironing. But it's getting a little tired looking , so after looking for a new one - and neither liking any or their price tags I decided to have a go at cutting a pattern off mine - and yes success -finally! I have had a few fails on the clothing front for me so to start I used a cheap green knit from my stash to make an everyday one before I cut into the expensive fabenmix knit I have.

The deer print is a piece of cotton I screen printed at Handmade 2013 in Wellington earlier in the year. I am into green at the moment so have worn this quite a bit already.

This is definitely my favourite, lovely Fabenmix knit I bought off etsy - I made the arm a little shorter and the fabric is a bit thicker and I think sits better.

Then because the pattern is so quick to make with only 2 pieces I had a play around with the scraps and made myself a third one, I like this but don't think it is as flattering as the other two for some reason. The edges are all just overlocked and then turned under and stitched with a double needle - easy. Now I am thinking of extending the sleeve for a long sleeved version as well.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Xmas making

I might be all quiet on the blog front but I have done a little xmas crafting. Not as much as I would like but enough to feel I haven't totally lost my making mojo.

Fabric gift tags, this one was an advent calendar activity. we both sat down and did these, I've gotten out of these little making sessions since school started and it reminded me we need to do it more.

Gifts for teachers - Georgie draws the picture and I transfer onto linen and turn into a book mark.

Tree ornaments - Das clay

Another advent activity - a trip to the bead shop for some quiet making on a rainy weekend.
Furby obsession - another rainy afternoon when off school sick spent using magazine strips to make art.
Lastly a $2 chair from the recycling centre I revamped with new paint and ikea fabric over the seat.
(Having a chair frenzy here at the moment and much to my husbands disgust have filled the garage with the chairs to do up or sell ).
So there it all is , nothing fancy but it feels good to just sit still and take some time out to make little things.