Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Super heroine cape top

During kids clothes week I chanced upon the coolest cape T shirt, made by Tara at girl like the sea. Georgie was pretty smitten with it too . I unashamedly copied the idea and the text:

( the top words partly hidden by hair  read <<TO DO>> )
I think it is an all time favourite for both of us. I used the oliver and S sail boat top as the base and added the cape using the fantastic tutorial at Girl like the sea. The lettering I did by hand using fabric paint pens - easy. Only problem is that it has been really warm weather since I made it and it gets continuous use - might need to make a short sleeved version.
( mmm - sorry about blurry images - I got a little excited about reducing the images , might have to sort this tomorrow at a more reasonable hour)

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Just like that

Just like that it's summer. Last week there was fresh snow on the hills around us, this afternoon the thermometer on our sheltered back porch tells me it's 30 degrees Celsius - and it feels like it.
We had ice blocks for afternoon tea and then a magic show - lego style

After the KCW sewing week there was the usual lull until yesterday I had a few moments of inspiration and covered the seat of an old chair recently acquired from a friend.

I've had a chair in progress for months for Georgie's art table , this took 20 mins - sewing and stapling to turn it into a cosmetically acceptable comfortable chair to kneel on.

Too easy - kicking myself for taking so long to getting around to it.

Now I have a big pile of knit fabric that arrived on my doorstep today.

In the midst of the sewing frenzy of Kids clothes week I did a bit of impulsive online fabric shopping and bought these 4 fabrics - inspired by the success of the stretch items I made that week. I have some vague plans for these . I thought I might try a lightweight Bimaa top with a cowl neck. I had planned to make one in sweatshirt weight fabric and actually thought the teal green fabric would be thicker than it is but I think the Bimaa will work in t shirt weight.