Sunday, 27 October 2013

KCW 7 days , 7 garments

Yes 7 garments in 7 days.

Yesterday's sewing was interrupted by a school fair, visitors and drinks at a friends but despite all that I managed to cut out and make most of the Olive  & S roller skate dress. This morning it was a 10 min job to fit the elastic and sew the ribbon on the front. Fully rate this pattern it was really easy and the finish being fully lined is good -it could be reversible it you wanted.

The fabric is from the Valori Wells wrenly collection.
I ended up not putting pockets in , mainly because I was feeling lazy but also I thought this print would look best in a really simple design.
I lined it with some Japanese lawn off cut I had.
Georgie wanted to wear it all day , but it was really not the weather for a summer dress -  supposedly spring but it wasn't very spring like as it snowed.
Then I made a super quick witches dress for Halloween. Actually it is not a big thing here and we don't go all in for it but last year friends came around for dinner , the kids did trick or treating in our street and had a great time so wanted to do it again.
Georgie wants to be a witch, so I obliged and made a black dress, complete with silver moons and gold stars we added to the wearer's specifications - on the body only not the arms.
I just used the blossom blouse pattern from this book , made it longer in the arms and body plus put an elastic waist in - easy.
I hadn't really planned to make so much this week , it was a bit of a mission fitting it in around work and after school activities , but I'm glad I did. All the things I made have been sitting in a pile waiting to be made for up to 6 months and it feels great to have finally done them.
Now I have a couple of other projects - some cushion covers, a top for me, a new sunhat for G to make before xmas.

Friday, 25 October 2013

KCW Day 5 - Indecision

Today I hit a wall, tired after work and with no sewing plan for today - indecision struck;
Not sure which fabrics of these 4 options, a spot with each dependant on the pattern below I choose:
All Oliver and S, the one on the right I have made and the pockets are a favourite, but I really want to try the middle one - but I need to add pockets of some sort? maybe side seam or maybe patch.
Now 9.30 pm so I think I will leave the fabric decision for the wearer to choose in the morning and then decide on the pattern.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

KCW day 4 - simple skirt

When you start sewing late in the evening, the photo shoot for the finished item is very limited.
I drafted a pattern using the Oliver and S sailboat skirt as a base I added pockets and a waist band at the front instead.

And yes that trim is just a little wonky, but it's late and I am hoping once on it won't be noticeable. Because I sewed the ends into the side seam then overlocked - unpicking is not an option I am interested in - so wonky it is!

Update Fri 25th: proper pictures

I was going to leave it plain but then I thought maybe a lot of what I have made lately has been mini adult type clothes and Georgie really likes trim and this woodland ribbon is her favourite part of the skirt ( oh and of course the pockets)

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

KCW day 3 - Mustard and Grey

Mustard and Grey is a colour combination I love, I'm probably not on trend any more as it's been in magazines etc for ages. I own lots of grey clothing and tried on a mustard cardigan myself a little while ago - sadly it looked terrible on me. So I decided to make my child wear this combo instead.

The top is a blossom blouse from Meg McElwee,s book: Sew Liberated - 20 stylish patterns for the modern sewist (link here)...., the skirt is an Oliver and S Sail boat skirt (link here).

The skirt is a scrap of cotton sateen from a winter dress and the top fabric is from the Zen Chic range from Moda that I purchased from Stitchbird fabrics in Wellington ( fantastic range online too!)

One of the down sides to a free day to sew alone, is that I tend to upsize everything without my model to try them on. As a result everything today has plenty of room for growth. Note to self when cutting out tomorrow - check pattern on clothing that currently fits.
I have also learnt that skirts and dresses need pockets so I have been instructed to include them on whatever I make tomorrow.
Apparently modelling is tiring and models need frequent carrot breaks.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

KCW day2 - Sailboat top

I have had this striped knit and the sailboat pattern sitting in a pile waiting to be made for 6 months - long enough that it only just fits in the size I had traced the pattern in. Sewing knit is not my favourite but it came together ok

Turns out photographing the fine stripe at night is not so easy , it looks better in real life.
The pattern (link here) was easy to follow, as Oliver and S patterns are, I took a bit of width out of the sleeves but that was the only modification. It's a roomy fit on my very petite girl but I think would be good on most kids.
While I was sewing Georgie found a use for the million small buttons I have.
I have yet to decide on tomorrows sewing- maybe a sailboat skirt in Denim?

Monday, 21 October 2013

KCW October - Day 1

Day 1 of the October Kids clothes week - aiming for a minimum of 1 hour a day sewing kids clothes.

As per usual I have a big list, but this time I scaled it back and have chosen easy and quick patterns, super pleased with todays choice - Slouchy Cardigan by Heidi and Finn ( link here ).

Love this pattern , it was fast and easy to make, fits well and she loves it - what more can I say.
I like the long cuffs, not just because I think they look cool, but they are practical, don't drag food, paint etc and stay up when she pushes them up to wash her hands . Am tempted to make another one of these in a colour but vowed to stick to what was in my stash this week so will keep that for another time.
Next up is the Oliver and S sailboat top - cut out and ready to make tomorrow.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Over the top

This week I made an early settler costume for a school dress up day where the kids will have a day where they act out a typical school day a century ago. I might have gone a little over the top on the costume front - I started out to make just the apron and bonnet.

I then couldn't stop myself and so made a cape out of an old blanket.

And then a pair of bloomers. I think this outfit is Georgie's all time favourite of all the clothes I have made her, she can't wait to wear it.

Next week is kids clothes week and I plan to make a few spring things for her wardrobe - more on that later.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Sewing Binge

September turned into one big sewing ( and skating ) binge. My girl and I were both in an ice show, and I made costumes - lots of them!

This pile doesn't look that impressive but it represents - 6 adult ball dresses, 6 adult tunics, sparkly tops and dresses for kids and flying monkey wings. I've never been involved in a big production and it was really fun - we had Friday night sewing bees complete with wine and nibbles, up to 5 days skating a week - and a lot of laughs. I've yet to actually see the whole show because I was backstage or skating for most of it - waiting for a DVD copy of the show this weekend.  I had the best intentions for photos but it never really happened - I got a few backstage shots but nothing blog worthy.

Along with all the skating Georgie was in a school production:

I didn't have time to make the full outfit so just made some grey pants and top and put some elephant toe nails around the sleeve and pant cuffs, plus a little tail (haha - here is a little action shot for you.)

Consequently it is chaos around home - piles of fabric, washing, dishes, uncut lawns - the list goes on, luckily this week is school holidays so we are hanging out at home tidying as we go.

Next up is a school dress up day - early settlers style - there is a pattern lying on my desk for a bonnet and apron ready for tomorrow.