Sunday, 7 July 2013

Little bits

This week turned into an unexpected challenge with a sick child and rainy weather. I didn't get much done , just little bits of time snatched here and there at the sewing machine.

I finally finished a new grey woollen tunic - simplicity 2245 - a discontinued Portfolio tunic by Lisette pattern. I managed to get hold of the larger size range only and cut it down to fit me.

I haven't worn it yet, I'm a little undecided about it. Firstly it's a bit "smock" like although I am sure it is going to be super comfy as the fine wool has some stretch to it and I really like the pockets. Secondly after making myself 2 grey items recently I don't think I really suit this colour unless I wear a scarf or cowl in a brighter colour around my neck. It was easy to make except I did find the bit where you attach the middle panel to the pocket edge a little confusing - but it worked out fine. Also I'm not sure about the neck - it seems to pull a bit towards the front gather - maybe because this fabric is quite stretchy?

Then I decided to make a cowl out of some stretch scraps:

Basically they are a big looped tube:

(Ooops - self photo is a bit fuzzy - I moved taking it). Anyway these were really quick and easy - I like the colours in the top one and think I'll wear it a lot. The green I like and I may make a plain one of the same fabric as I'm not that fussed on the coloured strips I put in this one.

Sewing for kids just seems so much easier - choosing colours and fitting is easier. I think I have only about a 50% success rate when sewing for myself. Am thinking I might pick up my knitting needles again for the next few weeks.