Sunday, 30 June 2013

Different agendas

Weekends can be tricky in our house sometimes, while doing things together as a family is high on my priority it doesn't always work for us all. Those who have worked all week want sport and outside time, the small person wants to chill out at home and I usually want a bit of both so we often end up doing tag team at home on one day.

Yesterday we all skied although not everyone was thrilled about it so we only went for a few hours.

Today two of us stayed home:

She read while it was cold outside , I played with my camera and did housework.

Then we went for a walk. Tag team followed and I got to go for a bike ride , then we all checked out the last night of winter festival and G got to ice skate . All happy.

I even got a little sewing in, another tunic almost finished - pictures to come. Hope your weekend was good too.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Sleeping Bears

For a little neighbour who turns 3 this weekend:

A little bear in a little sleeping bag - perfect for fabric scraps. The bag is only about 15cm long and the bear was a little key ring one I cut the loop off the top. It has been lovingly carried around all afternoon before we wrap it for it's new owner.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Rainy weeekends , Vogue 8805

For the past 4 days it has rained - pretty much all day every day - unusual for us. The weather service is now promising snow on top of the floods many regions have had.

I needed to take pictures for this weeks assignments, so I bribed my girl with the promise of hot chocolate in a cafĂ© and we went on a photo mission.  Taking pictures on manual settings with a reluctant model in the rain is not easy - I take ages to adjust settings and she jiggles = many blurry shots. But I am getting there and starting to understand my camera a bit more - all good.

We spent much of the weekend at home , painting, drawing, sewing and cooking.

Vogue 8805 has been cut out and waiting for a month now, it's an easy pattern ( well it would be if I hadn't had to take it apart, change the bust darts and modify the fit). I measured up to a 14D according to the pattern measures - I ended up with a 10B - moral of the story - make it smaller than you measure as it's a roomy fit.
I made a few modifications : the neck was super high so I cut it almost 2cm lower in the front - I could have made it even lower I think. I cut it in just two sections instead of 3 and lined the bottom half and left the top just the lace fabric.  I didn't bind the neck but just overlocked and turned down the seam -see the following pictures.

I also just used a little piece of ribbon for the button loop .
I can't decide if it's  a bit nana like or 50's housewife retro? 
Either way I actually have nothing to wear it to at the moment but had fabric buying guilt and I needed to use up some fabric - like this grey lace that I splurged on recently.
I'm wondering if this pattern would work in stretch and tunic length?

Sunday, 9 June 2013


I have been all consumed by my photography course and desperately trying to get to grips with the manual mode on my camera - and some pretty average photos to show for it. Not helped by an annoying cold which requires me to blow my nose every 2 minutes.

This is playing with aperture /depth of field, trying in this pic to focus on foreground objects only. You get the idea, lots of playing with the controls, over exposed images - blah blah blah.

I did manage to finish a bag I started at Handmade

Yes a very average picture sorry - trying to take pictures in manual mode is doing my head in - did I mention that? Another bag -  I seem to be making things I don't need at the moment as well.

Aside from many bad photos , we skied, swam and ice skated. This week I intend to be more productive and finish a few projects in progress - a cowl scarf, a dress for myself cut out and ready to go and maybe a cushion or two?  Oh and take more photos , hopefully some blog worthy .

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Of what I am not sure: maybe it's the mountain of soft toys that anyone entering her room could be smothered under. Or is it the tower of books beside her bed that could fall and crush you? Either way the warning is there on the door .

I've been away to handmade 2013 and done some making of my own:

Zakka style sewing kit

Screen printing

There is also a shoulder bag to finish and I learnt to spin - with a spindle - not much to show. Now it really is going to take years to knit a garment if I have to spin the wool first. 

Wellington was fantastic , wishing we had gone for just a day or two longer.