Sunday, 7 April 2013

It always happens when you least expect it

It always happens when you least expect it.
Actually I should have known, I was about to go away for work for 3 days and she always gets sick when I am away. I was unusually organised and had the next day planned : yoga class in the morning, pack in afternoon before school pick up, swimming lesson, early family dinner out and I would head off so I didn't' have a 2 hr drive before an early start the next morning.
Here I was the night before at 10.15 pm framing a piece of her art .

 Derek was looking at Bored panda ( be warned easy to waste hrs looking at this site!) when we heard a funny noise and then a plaintive call "mum".

She met me at the bedroom door wearing just her knickers - not a good sign as she went to bed in a nightie.
 "Mum I tried to make the toilet but it happened too fast and it's on the floor" (pointing towards her bed)
" Never mind, it happens some times , lets clean it up"
I flicked on the light expecting to see a wet patch on the floor, it took me a few moments to register the smell and realise that the stuff all over  the walls , the bed ,  the floor and in her wardrobe was vomit.
Seriously it was everywhere, over about a 3 sq metre area, unfortunately she must have got out of bed while vomiting and the wardrobe door next to her bed was open so she managed to spray in there too. Roast dinner - lots of it.
I then started towards the bathroom and couldn't believe that it too was covered in vomit. I think she took her nightie off in her room, which probably helped increase the coverage,  and then headed to the bathroom for a second round - poor baby - she was looking pale and miserable. It was so spectacular I almost took a photo but then I thought that was going a bit far- you don't need the visuals.

It took us a good 40 minutes to clean up, shower her and get her back into bed before she vomited again, fortunately mostly into the bucket I'd placed somewhat hopefully beside her bed.

"mum can you give me some medicine to stop this?"
"Sorry honey , I haven't got anything but it should stop soon"

Luckily the  rest of the night was better, no more vomiting. The following day DVD,s for her, washing for me ( a zillion towels and 2 complete sets of double bed linen).

wishing you all an illness free weekend.

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Oh boo - poor Georgie. Poor you too! Vomiting bugs suck - Wolfie had rotovirus when he was 10 months old and I am still scarred from the experience! I hope she is now well and truly on the mend.