Monday, 1 April 2013


6am Easter Monday : uncharacteristically early for me to be up,  but I am a wee bit stiff after carrying a pack for the last few days. We took Georgie on her first overnight Tramping trip. As I pulled my gear out to pack I realised it has been over 6 yrs since I last used this pack. Sure we have been day walking, skiing and done plenty of ourdoor stuff with her but none that needed us to carry any more than a small pack.
She protested at the thought of walking a long way but once we got going it all became a fun adventure and she managed the 3 1/2 hour walk ( pretty much all uphill!) without any problems.

We walked into a 8 bunk hut about 40 minutes drive from home.

Georgie had insisted on packing a few toys: she never even took them out of her pack - instead running through the long grass and poking sticks in the river. Her trip measured in the animals we saw - hawks, grasshoppers, spiders, a stoat, sheep. When she heard there were mice in the hut she tried to stay awake to see them - lasted about 5 minutes before tiredness got the better of her.

Overnight trips opens up a whole new range of adventures, now we know how easy it was I need to plan another.

Happy Easter


the habit of being said...

what a great way to spend the weekend! looks like your daughter was a real trooper and had a lot of fun exploring.

cloves corner said...

Wow, that looks fantastic. I'm envious, but I know that we'll get there in due time. We do have some exciting overnight adventures planned for the end of next month (involves a raft)...I can't wait!