Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Summer sun hat

Last year I used the Oliver and S pattern for the Reversible bucket sunhat and made cousins xmas gifts.  Georgie's hat from last year is a bit tight so I made her one for our holiday. 

Love this pattern, its easy and quick.
From the book  Little Things to sew by Liesl Gibson

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Spring sewing frenzie

Finally some sucess in sewing for myself: I made another skirt in the denim - simplicity2152

Way better than the last sewing disaster.
I made the short version but made it about 5cm longer as I hate when your skirt rides up when sitting and I want to wear this to work so like it this length.
I then made another simplicity pattern 2474 - a dress
Not quite so sure about this one - I think I could have made a size smaller as it was very sack like - so I put a couple of darts in the back.  I love this fabric but think it might be a bit much in the dress.  I am thinking of makeing the left overs into a skirt using the pattern above which might be better, Anyway the idea is to throw this on over my bathing suit - Georgie and I are off on a little beach holiday soon - so I'm having a sewing burst.
Next up - a sun hat for Georgie.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Skirt blooper

Every now and then I have a complete sewing failure and this skirt is one of them.

Enter Burda style skirt pattern 118 from May 2012.

the issue : wrong fabric
I feel like I am wearing a bell, it just sticks out in the most unflatterning fashion.  It's a midweight denim type fabric that I thought was soft enough to drape - duh, wrong.  I haven't finished it because I know I won't wear it.
The pattern was quite straight forward aside from the totally impossible to interpret zip instructions - yay for people who blog about their sewing - I found a few sets of great zip instructions - and some very nice examples of this skirt - take it from me - in fabric that drapes it looks very nice.

What is most annoying is that I spent quite a lot of time on the details:

See - liberty lined pockets , contrasting topstitching.

When I have recovered from feeling bitter about this skirt I may try again in a softer fabric, but I think I need to make something else first . I have in mind a very simple dress from a simplicity pattern - easy instructions!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Little bear

We saw the cute little felted bears in a recent Mollie Makes magazine - all inspired by a new craft , I got on the computer and ordered some felting needles and wool ( www.

Several hours later I finished this little bear ( about 8cm high).

Now it all looks easy in theory but be warned -the  needles are very sharp and I now have one very sore finger.  Those cute little bears in the magazine - I swear they must have been airbrushed photos or some poor soul spent days stabbing them to get such a perfect finish.  As you can tell this is not about to become a new obsession for me!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Spring sewing

A dress and top for Georgie were first on the list. 

They are both adaptations of the same pattern - the Blossom blouse from Meg McElwee's Sew liberated book.  Such a quick and easy pattern, especially the scrappy top - took about 30 mintues to make. I had several scraps of fabric only big enough for one side so mixed and matched to make the top.
I'm now in the midst of a more complicated ( and frustrating )skirt for myself, lured by the cheap Burda magazine with many patterns for the price of one - discovering the scant instructions are not quite enough at times. Now hoping it fits as sizing a bit of a gamble too with having to add seam allowances on - anyone else used these patterns with any success?

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


And Grandma completes the set from the previous post with Little Red Riding hood

I've moved on to some Spring sewing now.  Georgie's summer dresses from last year are just about all too small and my wardrobe needs a few new pieces so I am in the mid of a sewing binge.  It's all come to a grinding holt tonight though when I discovered I was missing a few crucial things - like elastic and zips... will have to wait until tomorrow.