Friday, 31 August 2012

Felt friends

Here they are: little red riding hood , her house , the forest (ie single tree) and the wolf.

As always, I started sewing the house late in the evening and then couldn't put it down.   I finally crawled into bed well after 11 , feeling please that I had finished the set.  When I told my husband I'd finished he asked what I'd made and then said -" what about the grandma?"  Arrgh the grandmother! of course - damn now another piece to make.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Easy top

The warm weather inspired me to go looking for some new summer tops.  I liked some simple designer ones - but not the prices - so I went home and had a go at making something similar with some fabric from my stash.

basically it is one piece of fabric folded in half
A scoop cut out for the neck and the sides curved down to the waist and then gathered onto an elastic band.  I used the overlocker and did a rolled hem using three threads for all the edges - all up took less than 30 minutes to make.  The width at maximum measured elbow to elbow with my arms stretched out , I think it just needs to be nice soft drapey fabric to work. ( might have to try making one in a knit)
This was version one - using some very retro satin I had in my stash - not sure what I actually bought it for.  Not so sure about this one - the neck is a bit wide and the arms a little short - not to mention having hesitations about the fabric!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Little Things

Little red riding hood  was intended for a new crafty venture but as soon as she started to take form I knew she wouldn't be leaving our house.
Georgie has a passion for little things and Little Red is just 7cm tall so she has taken up residence with the Polly Pockets and is now awaiting the arrival of her house, a forest ( actually a single tree) and of course - a wolf.
Some other small things sent to me by the very kind Katy of Threadmark arrived on Friday.
She made me these very beautiful birds as a surprise present
I plan hang them as a mobile.  My photo doesn't do them justice - the stitching is so tiny and perfect it is hard to believe she makes them all by hand. 
Check out her blog ( link above). Katy makes some amazing things in felt.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

The tea towel skirt

Georgie has been asking me for the past few weeks to sew.  While I was in Wellington a few months ago I picked up a mini Elna sewing machine for her.  It is super light weight and has just straight stitch and zigzag , the controls and pedal are all smaller than mine - perfect for little hands and feet.
She chose 2 tea towels she liked and we made a simple skirt.

She did most of the straight seams, to be honest her concentration span lasted the side seams only so I did the waist band and hem for her. I made the elastic only in the back as she finds that more comfortable.

She also wanted a small cat embroidery on it which she found in the ribbon box, doesn't really go but it is her skirt so on it went.

I asked her to strike a pose to show me her skirt, and she did this - bit hard to actually see the skirt so she obliged with one more photo.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sock upcycle

One of my sisters has some arthritis in her hands and finds keeping her hands warm in the winter helps. I thought that some fingerless mitts might be useful, so I had a play with a pair of woollen socks that accidentally went through a hot wash and ended up shrinking and felting a bit.

I cut off the feet and turned the cut end over and used a double needle to finish and then made a button hole that the thumb fits through.

I think they will work, so they will go in the post tomorrow.

Monday, 6 August 2012


The pinterest picture that inspired these handles was of painted bits of drift wood link here.  All very nice but we have way too many random crafty bits lying around and with minimalist husband something like that would likely end up with the firewood.  Instead I used cheap wooden spoons - no idea what I am going to do with them - ever practical husband thinks the test pot paint I used will not hold up to practical use.

Sitting on the kitchen bench they look cheerful and I had fun painting them so I'm happy - easily pleased here. Now I'm wondering what else needs painting - mail box is on the hit list when summer rolls around.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Instead of Winter

Feeling a little cheated by winter here - way too warm for August - just as I was getting into the swing of winter it feels like Spring.  It's not all bad - I spent a good hour on the porch this afternoon while Georgie and the neighbourhood kids played in the sandpit. Still a little more powder snow would be good - this is the season I am sorted for weekday mama skiing and it's a bit uninspiring.

I have been working on some craft things inspired by pinterest. Photos of the finished item will have to wait for tomorrow when the lighting is better.