Thursday, 26 July 2012

Noro Love

I took some Noro sock yarn when I was away in Rarotonga and started making myself a moss stitch cowl. 

I've cast on using a provisional cast on which I will then remove and use kitchner stitch to joing the 2 ends in a round.  Neither of these have I done before plus it's a bit harder apparently in moss stich - might be just a little ambitious - hoping not.  Noro is addictive - every time I pick it up I have trouble putting it down as I want to see what the next colour looks like knitted up. The other down side is sock yarn is thin and this is slow going in moss stitch - no instant gratification with this project.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Pinterest challenge 3

Ha - you thought I had abandoned this challenge - but no. I made this little felt bunting to make the spare room look a bit more like a crafting space.  Super quick and easy - little triangles of felt, mine are about 4 cm long - sewn together on the machine.

I think they'd make a nice easy present for a child or maybe in red, green and white for quick xmas decorations?

Sunday, 22 July 2012


I've been avoiding my computer for the past 2 weeks, I've been away for a week in the Cook Islands , then I got home to sick famiy, including myself - I just couldn't face the mutiple emails needing a response so I put it off until I really needed to do some work emails.

Rarotonga is a beautiful tropical island in the pacific, white beaches, warm water ...., unfortuately I went with a horrible cold and it rained almost every day we were there. Still the course I went for was fantastic and swimming in the rain is still ok when the water is warm - plus I managed to read 2 novels while I was away and had a king sized bed to myself for 5 nights .

Now we have all recovered I think I am getting my blogging mojo back and with a freshly serviced sewing machine I have some projects in mind - inspired by all those bright island colours and fabrics.

Sunday, 8 July 2012


School holidays, trips away, winter sports - life feels like it has been on fast forward for the last few weeks. I haven't gone off the pinterest challenge idea but it's all I can do just to knit a few rows of my current project each night. Blog sadly neglected at the moment.

It has been pretty cold here but with clear days , some spectacular frosts in the mornings:

I took this from the window of the car, had I not been hideously late for an appointment I would have got some better pictures.  The sun was just coming over the hill and the frost on the trees was really spectacular.

Because it'school holidays and we can sleep in we have been doing some night skiing which is really fun for Georgie. Also the slopes are way less crowded which is nice.

Queenstown winter festival has  been on last week , Mardi Gras was  good but really really cold standing around , so we basically ate dinner then went home.

This was last stop for Candy Floss on the way home.  We'd just had whitebait fritters and waffles for dinner but there was no going past this display of sugar.