Friday, 30 March 2012

Easter Mobile

Finally some crafty inspiration - a rainbow rabbit mobile for easter:

Rabbit shapes in felt, with the ribbon sewn so it runs between them and a bead as a weight

Apologies for the photos - taken at night with a flash, but you get the idea.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

On a rainy day

On a rainy day we are enjoying

New paints from Wellington ( I live with the box princess - any spare box that enters the house she claims and then decorates, getting to be a bit of a storage issue, luckily boxes seem to have a limited life when a new one becomes more popular)

Nail stickers (this is as close to craft as I got! but oh I have ideas and plans)

 A tidy laundry cupboard - sorry sad but true - a highlight of my day , no before pictures but imagine everything falling off the shelves and the ironing board falling out every time I opened it.  Small job to tidy but soooo much better.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Girls Weekend

Still no crafting - but I did have a fantastic girls mountain biking trip to Wellington last weekend.

The tracks were awesome and the weather fantastic.

Complete with lots of good food and meals out, a little bit of shopping and a lot of laughter - we had the best time.

Yay Wellington, bring on next years trip!

Thursday, 15 March 2012


Ok so not a lot of crafting around here at the moment. We are still unpacking - this involves a big sort out so we can hold a garage sale next weekend . Actually mainly my stuff that needs a purge but have found the odd pair of ski's and pack that is surplus.

I feel like we are getting ready for winter, the morning temp has dropped, not quite cold enough for a frost but nearly.  Yesterday we stacked 6 cubic metres of fire wood , and probably still need a few more to get us through winter. Good timing as this morning it is pouring with rain.

So far Georgie's room is the only one that is almost finished - just needs the new lights to go in next week.

We moved the double bed in from the spare room and I put big plastic tubs on rollers under the bed to house some of her toys so we can rotate the ones on display when she needs a change.

I am very tempted to paint some of the furniture but seeing as both the chest of drawers and bed were lovingly hand stripped and sanded to their natural state by myself and Derek a few years ago I am loath to cover them up again!

I do have a new ikea kitchen stool that I am going to paint soon so will see how that goes first.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Getting organised

Shifting back in is taking longer than the move out did. If you think your house is messy - check this out - Sunday night with the last boxes back in the house:

Today it looks marginally better.

Not much crafting going on but I could not bear to put back these old archive boxes:

There are 3 that live in the shelves above our wardrobe, we look up at them when we lie in bed.  I actually went out to buy plain ones but no joy so instead I bought a roll of pretty wrapping paper and spent a cheeful hour recovering them last night.


Much better, plain lids as not quite enough paper to do the lids.
While I was at it I used some wrapping paper scraps to cover Georgie's marble jar ( an old laundry powder container) too

Simple crafting