Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Quick change Trousers

Two pairs of trousers for a friends's new daughter.

I made the orange and green pair one evening and Georgie looked at them with horror the next morning and said " But there's no pink on them Mum!" , so together we chose what she deemed more suitable colours for a baby girl and then supervised the making of a second pair.

This pattern  for these cute reversible pants is from Anna Marie Horners book Handmade Beginnings.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Moving on

This week we have moved on - the bike trailer has been parked in the garage in favour of biking by herself.  We bought our giant trailer when G was about 1 and it has been used several times a week during warmer months  for the past 4 years- trips to the library , the DVD rental shop, the French bakery for Crossants with coffee and exercise for Mum and Dad while she slept in the trailer.  I'm acutely aware of the changes happening and about to happen - maybe more so because she is an only child?  In two weeks my baby starts school and gone are our leisurely weekday mornings - sleeping late and hanging out at home.

I remember writing about our rythmn being upset when she started Kindy and now it will be 5 days a week school - such a cliche but "they grow up so quick". I know I have lots to do when she's at school but I don't look forward to the settling in period that I know we will both have to get used to. 

Right now we are making the most of beautiful summer days and the slow pace of our day's at home.

Friday, 27 January 2012

This Moment

A Soule mama inspired friday ritual , a single picture for the week, no words.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Party Gifts

As a rule I don't do party bags, party favors or whatever you wish to call them.  It seems to be a  new thing here and not something I'd ever heard of or had at a party when I was a kid.  I couldn't help myself though and made just a little something for each child.

A matchbox covered in paper with a sticker on it and something little inside.  Georgie and I made a couple for her a few weeks ago and she just loves them . They were very easy to make. I did have good intentions and had planned to make little felt toys to fit in each but I just ran out of making mojo after xmas and the rest of the Birthday gifts and party stuff.

I thought I had photographed the whole lot I made but apparently not - so here were the 2 remaining which have since been delivered to party guests who couldn't make the day.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Birth Party - Circus theme

Today we had a 5th birthday party. 

Some new Birthday Bunting I made was part of this years decorations along with the above paper bunting.

Even though it was a cold day we had lots of fun, I had someone face paint all the kids and we took photos using this prop I bought on trademe.

then there was the party food.

Jelly oranges were a hit with the kids

as was the cake

Again another cake from the Donna Hay Kids magazine, vanilla cakes with butter cream between each one, looks impressive but actually just 2 cake batches divided in tins and a lot of icing and food colouring.  Haven't yet mastered the perfect fondant icing but working on it.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Princess Cake

I've been lucky enough to have a very talented friend make our birthday cakes for the last few years (thanks Wendy!) - we are talking AMAZING cakes. Since she is pretty busy now with 3 kids , the youngest still a baby, I thought it was time I tried again .

It was my first try with fondant icing and wasn't too hard, although I only bought one packet so had to roll it really thin to make it last the distance which made it a bit more difficult (and hence the little roses covering up the not so pretty bits - I would have done more but there was literally no icing left)

I made 2 chocolate cakes from an Annabel Langbein recipe - all made in the food processor and is for 2 cakes which I iced together with buttercream icing to get the height. ( actually there were 3 layers to cover the dolls legs - I cut around the edges and used the xs to piece together the top layer)

Next time I will use more icing and roll it thicker, plus trimming the edges would make it a bit neater but everyone, especially the birthday girl was impressed (especially as she gets to keep the doll , I'd resisted buying her one until now - which no doubt makes them more desirable).

I got the idea from a Donna Hay magazine -which had pretty good step by step instuctions.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Turning Five - The Princess and the Pea Set

Our daughter turned five today, we had a quiet day with present opening and then the morning playing at home before meeting Dad for lunch in a cafe .  More time at home was then followed with a family dinner complete with a princess cake (post to come). A kids party is planned for this weekend (not princess themed).

On a princess theme I had bought this book:

I'd seen several Princess and the pea sets like this one by  Soule Mama and here on etsy  and here. So a few late night sewing missions ( actually quite a few late nights) and you can now meet the Princess:

She's a little bit special - all her limbs are different sizes - I scaled her down so she could be easily transported but it made her very fiddley to sew. She is loosely based on mmmcrafts little red pattern here, as well as these other little dolls here also on mmmcrafts which I scaled down ( she is 25cm tall) and I gave her long black hair like she has in the book

Every Princess needs day wear, so she has a little pink skirt

And, of course, a long white nightgown

Then there is the dreaded pea!

( complete with a little pocket to keep it safe)

and 12 mattresses

Fine cotton sheets and a pillow

and lastly, no Princess could try to sleep without a pretty quilt

Now you thought it ended here - but NO, my brain had gone into overdrive so
I made a bag to cart the whole lot around in

Complete with some pretty labels I purchased on etsy

I think the French one says something like " you are someone very special to me"

My intention had been a small set that could be taken anywhere but because the only batting I could buy was almost an inch thick it's rather a lot larger than I planned - not that this stopped Georgie taking her out but it's not a child sized little shoulder bag more a hug in your arms full load.  I'm really happy with this set , especially as it's so popular with Georgie - all that effort was definately worthwhile.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Paper Craft

It's been raining for the first time in about a month, after reading some blogs and DVD watching we made cards. I saw  the idea  for using up stickers and cut out cards here at ikatbag.

We used some Japanese stickers left over from a photo album project I did last year.  Georgie's cards had way more sticker action than mine

I noticed quite a few sellers on etsy.com selling similar stickers .

Friday, 13 January 2012

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Little things

We've been busy but with beautiful summer weather most of our time is outside. When it was too hot in the afternoon  we did a little craft and made this

The inside of a matchbox painted with some paper, glue , little toys and left over xmas bits and pieces.

I saw the idea here at Craft and Creativity - lots of inspiration on this blog.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Goodbye 2011 , Hello 2012

My plan had been to finish the year with a  photo mosaic of the 2011 projects but instead the beautiful weather called for camping, tramping and outdoor fun so I took a blog mini break instead - the mosaic will have to wait.

I haven't got my head around 2012 yet, we have a 5th Birthday to celebrate soon so I've launched into some present making for that.

More to come!

I want it to be memorable without it costing a fortune or being too organised. I'm planning a few fun things for the kids to do but with time just to hang out and play rather than lots of party games.

We've been having a holiday at home, walking a few local tracks, biking and camping - with a little time for crafting and baking too.

Old pin cushion

New Pin cushion ( it was a kit I was given for my birthday in 2010 that I finally made)

and then I got pin cushion inspiration and made this

I had intended to use it myself but instead have put it away for ?? a birthday gift (as it will probably be "borrowed" from my sewing table anyway).

Today we made painted biscuits. I usually make these for xmas but time ran out so why not new year biscuits. We used a plain vanilla dough for the biscuit (cookie in other parts of the world) and natural food colourings mixed with egg yolk that you paint on before baking.

We used to make these as kids and I still love painting them - much easier for small kids than icing them.

VoilĂ  - baked and ready to eat