Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas 2011

Things you can't capture on camera:

The sleepy realisation that your 4 yr old is awake at 5am on Christmas morning
The relief that she has gone back to sleep in your bed rather than get up and check out the Santa loot
The excitement on her face when she finds (at the reasonable time of 7.30am) the pink two wheeled scooter she wanted so much
The sound of excited kids gathering in the cul de sac outside to play with new toys
The smell of the turkey cooking
The laughter around the table
The taste of fresh strawberries , cream and home made meringues
The contentment as you sit after lunch in the warm sun outside ( Southern hemisphere thing!)
More excitment as presents from family are opened
The peace in the evening when visitors have gone home and the 4yr old is in bed asleep wearing the new nightie you made her for Christmas.

Camera captures:

New scooter, new mama made clothes

Late night xmas eve crafting to gift to a friend. (Apple pot mitts - link to pattern here on an older post)

Boxing day dress, because I am on a sewing roll.

Scooter adventures

Hope your Christmas was a good one too.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Easy Xmas crafting

Over this week we have done some easy decorations for gifts and around the house.

Junk mail snowflakes seen here, our one here is behind the sunscreen. Michele on her blog has lots of fantastic ideas for recycled gifts and decorations - many of which you will have all the supplies for without needing to head to the shops.

We also made a few of these felt ornaments for both our tree and gifts - super easy just a couple of seams, cutting and glue.  I got the idea from Craftsy.com here, I did one of their crochet tutorials which was really good and got a 50% off offer after that so signed up for the Fab Holiday felt one - I have yet to watch it all yet but it definatley had ideas I will use.

I also did a little late night sewing and made this simple skirt for a gift - a long rectangle with a seam up the back and elastic waist with a few iron in appliques and some braid - 1/2 an hour to make. I still have a few more last minute gifts to make , all easy but probably no more blog posts till after xmas.

Merry Christmas

Saturday, 17 December 2011

More xmas sewing

For the youngest member of the family I have made a car cozy - a travelling /storage roll for small cars

I plan to buy a few dinky cars to give with it, just so you can see how it works I put some random toys in

And it folds in half and rolls up to close with velcro

I used a tea towel to back it, originally I had intended to use car pattern fabric but it was a bit flimsy .
I copied one I saw here, I liked the idea of the numbers but for the sake of sleep I skipped this as it was getting late and I needed to get to bed.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Thursday, 15 December 2011

I've been sewing - can you tell?

Over the past few evenings I've had a sewing binge - the result - our spare room looks like this!

So far I've made all 5 of the smaller cousins gifts - I've not yet decided what to do about the teenagers?
First up are the 2 Oliver and S bucket hats I made for the 6 yr old boys

Both have world map fabric on the outside, for the inside I used different fabrics so the kids don't get them muddled up when together

I like this pattern so have plans for a few more - this was the larger 6-8yr old size. It was pretty easy just needed a bit of tweaking to get the brim to fit - it takes 2-3 hrs to complete a hat - the top stitching takes the most time.

Just so you know I don't sew in a tip all the time - this is the room post a late night clean up

Friday, 9 December 2011

This Moment

A Soule mama inspired Friday ritual, a single image for the week, no words.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas sewing

It's started - the gift making and xmas decorating. Today I made bunting

                                     Chairman Mao just needs a little bit of tinsel to dress him up.

Plans for some gift making for nieces and nephews are underway and more posts coming soon!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A unfortunate (sewing) experiment

I think I need an "everything dress" in my wardrobe.  A dress I  can wear to weddings, work functions, dinners -not a little black dress but the day time equivalent. I've had this discussion with several friends recently - it needs to be knee length, flowing fabric, can be worn in winter with leggings and a long sleeve top under it or with a jacket or cardi. It also needs to in a plain colour or small print - nothing that stands out too much as then no one will notice when you wear it multiple times.  Sounds like a tall order huh - but I know girls that have one in their wardrobe.

So I went on a shopping trip recently on a rare child free afternoon.  I rather hopefully tried all the chain stores hoping for something not too expensive - no luck.  I then decided to see what was in a designer store I rarely enter - too pricy and not the sort of thing I need much of.  I grabbed a couple of dresses off the rack to try on (noting they were not too expensive although a bit more than I had hoped to pay)

I'd just put the first one on when the sales assistant suggested I step outside the cubicle to look in the large mirror - she then looked me up and down and said -

" Your wearing your best sports bra are you?"
Me: "mmm no " ( I was a bit taken aback and did not mention that acutally it was my best one I had only just bought last week when I realised all my pre baby bra's were a bit ill fitting - now my baby is almost 5!)

She then stepped forward and grasped the bra straps and pulled upward and said
" well you need something with a bit more lift for this dress"
me "oh, well I'm not sure I like this dress anyway"

I then proceeded to try on the next dress, and some others the assistant bought in for me - all of which were double the price of the ones I chose and accompanied with helpful (not!)comments like
"well your not wearing any make up are you and you would need to with that dress"  and
" oh you are are lot smaller than you look aren't you"

Just as my ego had just about had enough I did find one I liked - a simple slip type dress in a lovely soft, light flowing fabric with a belt which gave it some shape - but with a $400NZ price tag - expensive enough to make a woman who sews have a good long look at it before looking at her watch and declaring she had to go and would think about it.  Truth be known if the assistant hadn't been so rude I may have bought it knowing I hate sewing sheer fabrics.  Instead I headed to the fabric store for a pattern and a plan to transform the green silk in my stash into an everything dress.

Two evenings later and the dress was made - but unfortuately it's not what I had hoped
no not impressed,looks frumpy not drapy so I tried putting button holes either side of the front so the sash ran behind the front like the one I liked in the shop

mmm - no worse, so I tried using the sash differently

aside from the very unflattering photo's I think this was better but it's just too big and I think the pattern needs a viscose or very drapey type fabric so this one is not going to stay in my wardrobe. I'm going to see if it's better on my sister who is a size bigger than I am and continue my search for the perfect dress.

Friday, 2 December 2011

This moment

A Soule mama inspired Friday ritual - a single photo for the week, no words.