Friday, 28 October 2011

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Mollie Makes Coin Purse

I subscribed to Mollie Makes magazine from the UK several months ago- it's a fantastic visual craft magazine if you haven't seen it and today I saw it was available in Whitcoulls here. Each issue now comes with a craft kit - last months was a coin purse

I decided that I would rather use my own fabric so embroidered a piece of linen for one side and used an offcut of canvas I had for the other side. I merrily started using the (very brief) instructions in the magazine and all seemed fine until I tried to push the folded top edges into the clasp - 20minutes later ( and more than a bit cross !) I went on a google search.  I discovered that others too had found the instructions pretty inadequate too , Kerry at verykerryberry had recommended U-handbag. This is a great site for bag making with - I lined mine and used her method to fix the clasp - way  way better instructions.

Mine is a little wonky ( thats what happens when your 4 yr old tries to help you while you are handling toxic type glue and trying to do it in a hurry) and very small as I did not have extra fabric to recut with.
I recommend using U-handbag instructions if you want to make this bag.

I also made this little bag with a zip

Much easier - I found a free tutorial - sorry can't remember the blog name , again a bit wonky but 4 year olds don't care and it only took about 20 minutes to sew together.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

On a rainy day

  Embroidery for some projects on the go

More embroidery

Home made telescopes (aka cardboard rolls and paper/stickers)

French Club

More placemat sewing

New library books and a DVD

Girls in the kitchen ( Brown sugar meringues from the Donna Hay book - "off the shelf" - so easy )

Friday, 21 October 2011

This Moment - at the beach

A Soule mama inspired Friday ritual, a single photo capturing a moment for the week, no words

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Table Manners

Last week filled up with work and then an unplugged weekend at the beach made up for it.  I made these table napkins and table mat before we went away - after watching my daughter wipe her sauce covered mouth on her sleeve! Time for better table manners.

These napkins were made from a thrifted table cloth from a local op shop, I edged them using the rolled edge on the overlocker (serger ) and then appliqued  on some russian doll fabric to cover the preexisting stains on some of them.

The table mat pattern and idea is from Meg McLwees fantastic book "Growing up sew liberated" (here), I added a knife to her design and did it a little differently as used visofix and ironed on the utensils, plate etc before using the button hole stitch to do the edges.  I used some linin/hemp curtain off cuts backed with non slip fabric. I prewashed it all so hopefully there will be no shrinkage.  There has been a rush on to help set the table - so I'm going to make more. 

I had a bit of trouble doing the edge binding - I  followed a quilt binding tutorial from Ohfransson (here )which was great but I think a cut my strips a bit narrow as was really hard to get tidy corners. Any tips, links for edging welcome thanks.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

More birthday sewing

I wanted to give a handmade gift that was a joint effort from Georgie and I. I had already given this Grandma a handmade book mark (see here) so used the same idea  and this time made a coaster.

I traced a drawing Georgie did for it onto the linen which I embroidered with 3 stands of embroidery cotton in backstitch. Then I used a layer of cotton batting and some jiffy grip non slip backing which I then edged the 3 layers together with bias binding. It's a little wonky but authentically handmade looking. I handstitched the binding on as I was away from home and no sewing machine - nothing like last minute gifts!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Birthday sewing

Last week Georgie asked if I could please make her a new dress to wear to her Granny's birthday - a reasonable request I thought so I made the kimono modkid pattern up that I had planned as spring sewing.

Now I had intended to take photos of her in it at the Birthday but alas a major melt down occurred , (as a result of a cold and lack of sleep).  She put the dress on ( all seemed fine - admired by cousins and aunt - G happy) and we drove to the lovely vineyard venue. Walking down the path she suddenly turned and ran screaming back to the car - who knows how a 4 year old brain works?.  It transpired that she had decided she did not like this dress and could not possibly wear it??????, so for the sake of peace and a nice party I changed her into another dress (luckily there was one in her bag as we had been on a sleepover at my sisters that night). Later in the afternoon she did decide to put it on for 2 minutes to show Grandma but there was no way she would have a photo taken. So there we are - you just get the above pictures.

It was a great pattern ( 2 evenings of sewing - would be quicker if you buy bias rather than make as I did)although I think makes up quite roomy.  I made the size 5 and what I thought were 3/4 sleeves as I made them shorter than the pattern -and they are still almost full length.  Although G is not quite 5 and is petite I was hoping for room for growth which we definately have. The sash pulls it in heaps so it is still wearable but next time I will make it the same length but a smaller size.

However big may be good as it might be a while before she decides it is wearable and I might even get a photo of it on!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

A little sunshine

With a Granny birthday this weekend we needed a gift, I saw this weaving idea here a while ago over at Michele made me. 

G added the flower sticker in the middle and we backed it with another piece of cardboard to hide the messy ends and allow us to write a birthday message on the back  We used cardboard from a cereal box..  It was a little tricky for 4 year old hands but she chose the colours and with a bit of help did most of the weaving.  I think it will be a cute xmas decoration as well.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Bike Bling

My matt grey Santa Cruz, Juliana bike has been perfectly good for several years.  I liked it's understated colours and the way that only those who were "into bikes" knew it was a nice bike.  That is until I did a girls mountain bike trip earlier in the year and I saw the new Chocolate brown metallic coloured bike ridden by a friend with the gold cables - yes gold how cool is that. ( When I was telling my husband about it he said - what type of bike was it ? I couldn't tell him I only noticed the bling!).

I still love my bike and how it handles but I wanted bike bling too, suddenly my grey with black cables just wasn't enough.  So I checked out metallic cable covers only to discover the red ones I liked were seriously expensive.  Instead I opted for matt red - much cheaper -better but not enough so then I got new handle bar grips - shiny grey with red metallic ends - yep much better.

Now if you're not into bikes you probably don't get this but it's a bit like the fabric or wool stash - once you start looking at new stuff it's hard to resist. My husband is not a shopper at all - Mr minimalist - my junk drives him to distraction but new toys well that's a different matter. He noted my sudden interest in bike stuff and so this weekend I got an early birthday present - more bike bling - check these out.

What are they you ask - these are my new floating brake rotors (discs) - pretty cool huh - yes the middle parts are pink.
The other option was some skull ones - also very cool but not floating so apparently that was the selling point on these - I'm happy. He also got me some new bright red flat pedals - yet to try - I need shin guards first ( big spiky things to help you stay on the pedal apparently hard on your shins) - I usually ride with cleats so will take me a bit to get used to.