Monday, 29 August 2011

Wearable arts and WOW it was!

I've just returned from a fantastic weekend in Wellington to go to the wearable arts show and it was truly amazing. No photos were allowed during the show itself but Wellington had done a great job in promoting the event - here are some photos outside the venue and around the airport.

 I had some child free time for shopping and came home with several very cool containers, weird I know - I have storage / organization on the brain.

The rectangular one on the left is the new button tin to replace the 3 random containers I have been using and the round is a biscuit (cookie if you are North American) tin.

This large box was a very impulse buy - not sure what I will put in it.

I went with with 5 girlfiends from uni - some I haven't seen for 10 years so it was heaps of fun and we went to some very nice restaurants as well.
Oh well - back to reality now, our dinner tonight did NOT look like the above unfortuately.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Timely Arrival

In a week where we have all been a bit tired and grumpy, extra work, the youngest member of the family home with a fever... this parcel of books arrived in the post.

All ordered a few weeks ago when fishpond, the online book store had a big special with 20-40% off lots of new publications and free postage ( yes another weakness along with my shoe collection and fabric stash - the craft books selection in our house is starting to increase).

I had been reading the playful learning blog and looking at some of Mariah's great ideas here
and had starting looking at the art suppplies and how I had organzied them -which was not working very well so her book was a timely arrival.

I have got as far as getting a caddy to organise all the pencils and craft tools in but will post the before and after of G's art space next week when it's had a revamp.

This is actually going to be my new sewing space but when she saw a clear desk this morning G jumped at the chance to do some art. The caddy is proving to be great as so easy to change location and works well.

The little book on the desk and the one she is writing in above are book necklaces I saw in a resource in the Playful learning book called

G also did this fantastic mermaid drawing which I popped in a frame and is sitting on my new sewing table.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Hand made gifts

When I was a child my Aunt made us fabric boxes with patchwork tops one Christmas.  I have always treasured mine, as did my sisters, and still keep my jewellery in it beside my bed.

30 plus years later it's getting a bit faded but still in good condition.

A couple of months ago the same Aunt visited and my daughter came out with my box to ask if she was the person who made it.  She must have been pleased to see I still had it and that my daughter knew where it had come from because last week this one arrived in the mail for my daughter .

Especially made in G's favourite colours of pink and purple and insdie the lid she has stitched this little dragonfly

Isn't it a beautiful and special gift.  It's definately G's favourite treasure box and now lives beside her bed too. I've tried hard this year to make as many gifts handmade as I can, now it's August I need to start thinking about xmas in order to get some things made in time.  Any ideas for what to make fashion/label conscious teenage boys welcome.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Snowy day Craft

Another snowy morning so we did some winter paper craft


 Silhouette Scenes ( actually the tree and the bird were also supposed to go in the circle but I drew them a little big and they were a bit tricky for a 4 year old to cut out so she did the top ones (rabbits behind the grass in case you were wondering), and I did the bottom. From a book we were given called 100 things to make and do.

Crochet - yes I started to learn last night - these are my practice single and double crochet squares aka dolls blankets (apparently). I started by looking at youtube but got frustrated as variable quality and everyone showed a different technique. In the end I went to and purchased the crochet lab online course with Vickie Howell  - it is great, really easy to follow along and see how to do it and you get links for free patterns etc - well worth the $$ to save me the frustration. Not quite up to the crochet flowers stage yet but can see it is possible.

Monday, 15 August 2011

On a snowy day

What to do on a snowy day

Play in the snow outside our house

Sled down our driveway

Make snowmen
Read books


use vintage thift shop linen to make new hair ties.

(and yes the first few pictures are the new hat with the new wool in my stash - yet to add crochet flowers - maybe I'll teach myself to crochet tonight? I ended up modifying the pattern to fit - the top is a bit pointy but I've decided I can live with that - think it is because I got down to just 7 stitches and maybe if there were a few more it would have been more rounded?)

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Kale Chips - yes really

Last time I tried Kale I wasn't impressed - I didn't rush out and buy more.  I actually like just about all green veges , even brussel sprouts but Kale just didn't do it for me. But I have seen recipes for kale chips a couple of times recently so when I saw Kale for sale yesterday I bought some and today made kale chips - and they were acutally pretty good.

I tossed a bowl of Kale leaves ( the curly type) in 1 T olive oil and about 1/2 tsp of sea salt .

Spread on baking paper on a tray and baked for 15-20 min at 150 degrees C
before baking

The second batch I added some lemon juice as well, these tasted good but needed a little longer to get crispy. I read on a blog somewhere that you can add lots of spices like japanese seasoning, garlic etc and can imagine these would be good.  The chips are kind of yeasty tasting so if you  like vegemite or marmite you might like them too? Whats more amazing is that my 4 yr old thought they were delicious and ate most of the first tray and wanted to eat the raw Kale I was taking the stem out of for the second batch!

Friday, 12 August 2011

This moment

A Soule Mama  (here) inspired Friday ritual, a single image from the week, no words.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Here we go again

Tonight I cast on another beanie - hopefully child sized this time.

This time I'm using touch yarn - much nicer wool to knit with.  It looks quite small this time so hopefully I don't end up with a baby hat. I'm going to do another stipped hat with the wool I bought a few weeks ago the 4 colours in the recent post here and another ball of purple touch yarn I already had.  This time all going to plan I am going to learn to crochet and put the flowers on it ( that 's if it fits!)

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Way too big

One finished beanie - but it is way too big - for anyone in our house

And no it doesn't have ears - thats just the ornaments sitting on the sideboard in the background.

It fits my head in the crown but the band is too big and it's too long but not long enough to turn up the ribbing. I didn't get around to putting flowers on it - still wondering if I can fix it.  I'm not in the mood to unpick it and was trying to work out if I could somehow run it in with the sewing machine or overlocker?? Arrgh - very annoying.  I don't think I can blame it all on the tension - actually I think I knitted an adult pattern but since I photocopied it from a library book and did not copy all the pages - anything could have gone wrong. Tomorrow might have to include a trip to the library to get the book out again.

G thought it was funny and played dress up's in it for a while so at least someone is enjoying it.

I was too cross to attempt anymore craft today so instead we made a house from a patchwork quilt and the drying rack.

I made the quilt a few years ago using free discontinued furnishing fabric samples with a polar fleece back - it has been great as durable and was quick and easy to sew.

Friday, 5 August 2011

This Moment

A Soule mama  (here)  inspired friday ritual, a single photo from the week, no words.

Projects on the horizon

So much for using up my stash, my weakness for fabric ( and wool ) has got the better of me on several occasions lately.  On a trip to buy new knitting needles a couple of weeks ago ( how I lost a purple needle in our lounge is beyond me but it seems to have disappeared - anyway I digress) I ended up buying these lovely touch yarns - maybe another beanie ?

Then I made the mistake of having a look through earthgirl fabrics  here new items and ended up buying this piece of cotton

I haven't yet decided what to do with this either ? maybe a summer tunic for me or a summer dress for a 4 yr old?

My third purchase came last week when going to get some thread from the local fabric shop

Now I do have something in mind for this Japanese print which is a 50/50 cotton /linen mix - I need a new knitting bag  - now I just need to find a good pattern for one - any links  to patterns welcome.