Thursday, 1 September 2011

Rabbit in a jar anyone?

Having transferred all my buttons to their new tin I decided to upgrade the previous button storage jars.  I had seen a few posts around on spray painting lids which looked cool  here, but I decided on a quick fix.(Martha stewart website also had some good ideas too).  I had some washi paper that has a sticky back left over from photo albums here ( did not realise this when I purchased in Japan but it has come in very handy).

I  was thinking they would be nice storage containers in the kitchen .  I left them sitting on the table while I tidied up the left over craft stuff ( leave sticky anything lying around here and it's swooped on in a nano second).  When I came back into the room someone had found a home for some "treasures" in one jar and a rabbit in another. Looks like the kitchen misses out this time.

The little animal stickers were my daughters contribution to the decorations.

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Baby By The Sea said...

I think she's on to something. Great gift wrap idea.a