Saturday, 7 May 2011

A New List for KCWC and a Brooch swap project

Thinking about next week's kids clothing challenge I have been formulating a little project list

1. Knot shorts as seen here, not really the season for these in NZ at the moment but I thought if I made them a little roomy we could put tights under them this winter and they would still fit for summer.

2. Little red riding hood - this Oliver and S book has just arrived on my doorstep and I am desperate to make this cape - just managed to buy a felt red wool blanket to upcycle into this - now normally I wash all my fabric before sewing - but I'm not sure about this one .  Should I handwash(gently) the blanket first  or just cut and sew as its hopefully not going to need washing often and maybe better to get it drycleaned? Any comments on this very welcome.

3.Insa skirt - this time for my niece's birthday coming up

4.  Winter trousers - another pair of Dortje's? or a variation on this, I'm keen to try using an old pair of levis of mine which have a bit of stretch in them as I am in love with this pair I have seen on flickr. Or I could use some nice grey/blue  stretch needlecord I have in my stash?

MMM this is a fairly ambitious list for 1 week I think - maybe I'll jsut start with the red cape and see how I go!

Also on a different note I have come across this  grab a logoat flowerpress, basically you make and swap a brooch someone as organised by flowerpress - I like the idea so sometime in the next 6 weeks need to make a funky brooch - planning on trying a little embroidery/stumpwork. And if you don't know what stump work is - its 3D embroidery - here are some examples of previous stuff I have made.

This top one is a Jewellery box so quite big and the blue one a framed picture but am thinking of maybe just one small insect or similar?? I haven't done any for about 3 years so thought this would be a good way to get back into.

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Deborah Parsons said...

Love the colours of the blue beetle.