Sunday, 1 May 2011

First sewing for kids

After reading some recent posts from Sewing School on embroidery  here I decided to try some first sewing using Handmade sewing cards I had seen in Amanda Blake Soule's book "The Creative Family"
So I made these 3 little sewing cards out of poster weight card.

Using a blunt tapestry wool needle and some wool we did a running stitch around the outside.

3 cards worth was about the maximum concentration for my 4 year old, but she was pretty pleased with her efforts and was keen to make her own cards and sew around these  - so we did this next.

The cat picture on the left is a favourite of mine, the right was a picture she drew of herself.   I figured we would do this a few times until she really has the hang of the sewing action then try making a small toy or pillow of felt using running stitch around the outside.

The embroidery lessons on the Sewing school blog mentioned above suggest kids who do the above first have more success when they then try embroidery. I plan after the above projects to then get her to do a drawing and embroider it.  Good things for cold rainy winter days at home!

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Amie Plumley said...

Such sweet sewing cards! Your little princess will be sewing in no time. I'm glad that my posts on embroidery have been helpful. It's been good for me to reflect on the how and why of embroidery with kids. That's why we blog - right?

A next project may be making a little sleeping bag for a dolly. I loved those in a previous post.

So glad to have found you - I'll enjoy watching you sew more with your little one!