Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Day 2 Kids clothes week challenge

The knot shorts in action - with a very reluctant model !

And below with tights underneath & more of the grumpy model

And because we are on May 10th here in the southern hemisphere day 2 has come around - I have got as far as cutting out the wool for the red riding hood cape - only to discover I hadn't yet washed the lining ! arghh - so lining is washed and in the drier and more cutting to be done this evening. My least favourite part of sewing is pattern tracing/drafting and cutting out, and from what I have read I suspect I am not alone on this one.


Baby By The Sea said...

I love the shorts, and especially the reluctant face. Priceless.

stitchandpurl said...

Love the grumpy face, too sweet!!