Monday, 4 April 2011

Year of the Unfinished Project

Have you got a cupboard/room/house full of unfinished projects?  If so follow me on quest to clean out our spare room.  I have decided that 2011 is the year to finish all my half baked projects and needing a bit of accountability decided to start a blog where I post my projects as I go.  A little late in starting (eek April already and snow on the mountains today!) but my plan is to complete a project a month.   So what is on my list - well a bit of a mix - a lot of sewing projects with a bit of knitting and embroidery thrown in and a photo album or two as well.  Hopefully you will find a bit of inspiration here too for your own projects.  So thanks for joining me here.

Project 1 is a skirt for my twirling 4 year old - the Insa skirt from the fantastic book "Sewing Clothes Kids Love" by Nancy Langdon and Sabine Pollen. This is a fabulous book and the Feliz dress is also on my list but the Insa skirt looks easier so I'll do that first.

The Insa skirt is a 2 layer skirt on a yoke with an elastic waist band.

So into the cupboard and after a rummage around I have decided on a combination of these fabrics.  The pink spotty one from my local fabric store will be the underlayer and the blue spot and green/blue patterns alternate for the top layer .  I am going to use the two tone pink one for the yoke/waistband.  the later 3 fabrics all come from Spotlight (a big craft store chain in NZ).

  I've got lots of tape and will use this for trim along with applique some flowers onto the upper layers.

I am going to get started tonight so will hopefully be posting the finished results ( and a bit of the process along the way) tomorrow.

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