Monday, 4 April 2011

Project 1 - the finished Insa Skirt

Well here it is - completed project number 1 ! The photo makes the colours look a bit muted - in reality it is very bright.  Unfortunately the twirling girl is in bed asleep so I will get an action picture tomorrow.

The actual skirt was very easy to sew but the ribbon and applique flowers took quite a bit of time.  Some of the things I learnt along the way were:  Lighter fabric would be better, this is made with 100% cotton which hopefully will soften a bit with wear and washing but I think a fine lawn would sit well with the 2 layers.  Ribbon  width 1cm or less is much easier to sew on a curve.
For a beginner the instructions in the book are pretty brief but weren't hard to follow. I chose not to run elastic on the joins of the upper skirt as the book suggests - just personal preference. The patterns are given without a seam allowance so I just cut a size up and by the time I had sewn it the size looks good. Can't wait to see it on tomorrow - a skirt for all occasions.  No point in wearing only a few times - this skirt is intended to get worn scootering, climbing trees, to kindy and of course for twirling!

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Stitchbird said...

It looks like the perfect skirt for twirling! And I definietly know what you mean about the unfinished projects, I am working on one now. Congratulations on starting your new blog!