Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Insa Skirt in action

Well the skirt got lots of twirling action today, not to mention tree climbing, feeding ducks and a couple of hours at kindy! More amazingly it still looks new - and I have one very happy four year old ( and mum).

Apologies for the very average photo - not a very cooperative model today.

I have yet to decide on my next project.  In the meantime I took some photos of my previous sewing projects for my daughter - I like looking at other blogs as often it provides me the inspiration to get on with my own - so hopefully this does the same for you.

These wee dresses/tunics are great as they start life as a dress and turn into a tunic top before outgrown. The purple one on the right is a fine pincord that my sister actually made for her daughter and when it came to us I added the felt flowers and embroidery.  I'm not sure what pattern she used and I drafted the pattern for mine to fit my daughter.  However most of the standard patterns ie Butterick , Burda etc have something very similar.

This little skirt is just a straight strip with an elastic waistband - very simple . This is actually version 2 as the first one I made I didn't make wide enough and so it was a bit restrictive for things like bike riding.The owl pattern I machine appliqued on.
This is a favourite skirt with a folded piece of stretch fabric for the waist band which makes it really comfy (Band is half turned down in this picture).  The fabric is an Amy Butler cotton.  This is a design that I want to make for myself but previous efforts haven't been very successful - I can't seem to get the cut quite right and the waist band either ends up too loose or a bit gathered.  Something to do with good child bearing hips and a smaller waist I suspect!  I have a lovely piece of Japanese fabric with a black background that I have in mind for my skirt but would like to get the cut right first.  So if anyone knows of a pattern I can buy please let me know:)

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angie said...

The skirt is gorgeous! I've got the same one on my to-do list for my 10 year old daughter. I'm thinking I'll try the elastic on the seems, but not sure yet.